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Product Fundraisers

Contract Terms

Campaign Material

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For MatchRaise Campaign: See Fund Matchers form for additional info needed

Agreement and Signature

JMS Will Provide

  • Fundraiser material. Including associated campaign material to assist in executing a successful campaign.
  • Fundraiser main website with admin dashboard and unlimited student pages and dashboards.
  • Fundraising assistance for those in your organization who will be spearheading this campaign (includes involvement
    throughout the campaign).
  • PrizeBox incentive program consisting of large selection of up to date prizes worth 3-4 times the amount set aside by
    program. PrizeBox is offered to schools setting aside 5% of funds raised to be used to incentivize students.
  • Profit check to mailed to school/program within 2 weeks of fundraiser closeout.
  • All sales/fundraising data accessible by sponsor and per student after fundraiser closeout and availabe in dashboard
    for subsequent fundraisers.

  • Rules and Regulation for Sweepstakes:

  • All donations solicited in person will be collected by program director and deducted from periodic funds distributed to school.
  • Applicable percentage of donations solicited online will be distributed to school at end of campaign or for campaigns longer than one month every 4 weeks throughout campaign with remainder paid at end of campaign.
  • Each ticket must be sold for fixed prices of the campaign.
  • Absolutely no giving away free tickets as an incentive or selling tickets for any price other than those listed on material.
  • Every aspect of rules and regulations must be followed strictly. All design work done by JMS will include all legal wording
    necessary. None of the text may be changed. All design work done by partnering organizations must be approved by JMS to make sure that they fully comply with campaign legalities.